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Virtual Fabric Lab

We are a technology company with an experienced and innovative team, we provide fabric and material virtualization services for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile, Fabric, Home Textile, Furniture Footwear and Automotive industries.

We manage your Fabric and Material virtualization processes for you.

Virtual Fabric Lab is a brand owned by Masterkey, which leads the end-to-end digital transformation of the Fabric, Textile, Fashion, Apparel, Home Textile, Furniture, Footwear and Automotive Industry.

Virtual Fabric Lab provides the service of creating digital assests of real fabrics, accessories and materials used in the Fashion, Apparel, Clothing, Textile, Fabric, Home Textile, Furniture, Footwear and Automotive industries.

The digitization of Fabrics and Materials is done using many technologies and methodologies. Our experts achieve the best results by using different hardware and software tools.

Many technologies developed for the digitization of Fabrics and Materials are tested by our expert team in our Lab, the best technology, hardware, software and methodology models are included in our process. Technologies and methods found efficient are included in the process as a result of the tests in Virtual Fabric Lab.

We offer you the best service by joining forces with many of our business partners, especially CLO Virtual Fashion Inc., Swatchbook, Vizoo, Poly9, which produce and develop world-renowned technologies and methods in the field of 3D Digital Transformation of the Textile, Apparel, Clothing, Fabric, Fashion and Furniture Industries.

We consider the digital transformation process of our customers as a whole and deliver the most appropriate solutions.

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