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Fabric and Material Virtualization

We virtualize your fabrics and materials by creating the exact digital twins of the real ones.

What is Fabric and Material Virtualization?

Virtual Fabric is a digital twin of the real fabric and material in the digital environment.

Combination of both physical properties and surface texture data are used during creation of 3d digital twin. The digital twin will be compared with physical sample for validation. Same process could be applied to different material types as well such as wood, metal plastic etc.

Fabric and Material Physical Measurement
Fabric and Material Texture Surface Scanning
Digital twin to Physical sample Validation
Creating a 3D Digital Twin of Fabric and Material

Benefits of Virtual Fabric & Material

The virtualization data of fabrics and materials can be used as a continuous resource for design and production only if it is accurate. Measurement and digitalization of the physical properties and textures of fabrics and materials are carried out by Virtual Fabric Lab experts using the best technology and methodologies.

01Efficient Workflow

Realistic fabric and material visualization enables the creation of digital twins that are an exact 1:1 representation of the physical final product. This helps designers and brands create an efficient workflow.

02Sustainable Approach

Accelerate the design process, more efficient product development, saving samples and reducing the cost of product & material, fabric, material photography. All supply chains will be in a sustainable approach.

03Ultra-Realistic Design

The fact that the true-to-life 3D fabric and material used in 3D Design are allows the designers to make ultra-realistic designs.