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Frequently asked Questions
What is Fabric and Material Virtualization?

The virtual fabric or material – the digital twin of them – which created by combining the data obtained as a result of measuring the physical properties and scanning the surfaces in the digital environment and comparative validation of real fabrics and materials.

Why Should We Virtualize Our Fabrics?

Along with digital transformation, new technology 3D software is used extensively in design and production processes. As a result, there is a need for exact digital twins of fabrics and materials.

Virtualization data of fabrics and materials can only be used as a reliable source for design and production if it is realistic.

In Which Sectors Is Virtual Fabric Used?

Virtualized Fabric and Materials; used in all sectors where Fabric and Material is used, such as Fabric Manufacturers, Textile, Fashion and Ready-to-Wear, Leather, Footwear, Furniture, Automotive.

What is Fabric and Material 3D Application?

Virtualized, digital twin of real fabrics and materials can be designed and constructed as a garment and be shown as final sample to the customers ,through 3D CAD Design software and 3d software specified for fashion and textile.

What is Virtual Showroom?
In Which Industries Is Virtual Showroom Used?
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